We are delighted and proud to launch our new service, aimed at providing FREE and accredited, government-funded training programmes, for men and women who work in the energy industry as well as their families and friends.

In the spirit of www.offshoretitans.com, our goal is to provide mental health wellness support and awareness to people within the Energy Industry, their friends and families.

Working offshore can be hard enough but so often the real heroes are the ones left at home bringing up our families or our friends who need us.

By providing training and awareness we aim to provide everyone involved in our industry with a much better understanding of the issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing and provide you with the knowledge and tools to cope with its effects.

The free training courses are also aimed at learning new skills to either support your existing career or getting that all-important first step on a new career ladder.

We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Please tell your friends and family...

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